Liar Politicians-GET OUT

Liar Politicians-GET OUT

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The people of this country

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Started by Tristan Chartell

We, the People of this Country have been lied to constantly by corrupt politicians year, after year, after year......

The level of sleaze and lies and outright disrespect to us, the People of this Country, who lets not forget pay all their wages, is now at such an all time high its beyond ignoring and accepting this as just something that happens.   

It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.  In any job if we were to act like they do we would lose our jobs immediately. 

Any politician found lying to us, the People of this Country, in any given situation or subject, should lose their jobs immediately by Power of the People.

ALL assets attained from their positions "of power"  i.e. wages,property, businesses seized immediately, liquidated and put back into the public purse. 

We, the People of this Country can no longer allow this betrayal to continue.  Our Government cannot will not and must not, be run be corrupt criminal liars. 

We, the People of this Country,Demand a New Bill to be presented in Parliament to Decree that any politician to be found lying, engaging in any form of breaking rules they impose on us, or any form of corruption to be ousted immediately and face full criminal proceedings.

Any Politician voting against this Bill will obviously be in favour of corruption, which can not will not and shall not be accepted.


108 have signed. Let’s get to 200!