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Education, Awareness and Prevention of Crystal Methemphetime (ICE) in Townsville

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Townsville is in the midst of an ICE Epidemic. Already this vial ugly drug is destroying our younger generations, cacasian and indigenous. Dealers are targeting young teenagers and younger to distribute this drug ICE. I has now halved in price and is as readily available as marijuana and alcohol. This ICE is 90% times behind crime, domestic violence against kids and women.

What is ICE ?

ICE is methamphetamine, is a synthetic stimulant that people can develop a dependency/addiction on more quickly that alcohol and other drugs. ICE initially affects the central nervous system, leading to a range of physical and mental changes in the user's body.

ICE has the potential to hook people faster than most other substances and the stranglehold the drug has on users is sever. Meth addiction is a chronic, often relapsing, brain disease marked my uncontrollable drug craving and compulsive use.

How does affect YOUR BRAIN ?

The brain’s structure changes when an ICE user experiences their first high, which is why it can never be replicated, Not realizing this, users take more, This overstimulation of the brain’s reward centre can cause permanent damage and anhedonia – the inability to experience pleasure.

Crime reports indicate that crime is increasing at a rapid rate. When ICE addicts are using this drug the believe that they are invincible and can not be controlled or stopped by anyone no matter how big the user is.When intoxicated with ICE users have no conscience at all and If they need a hit they will go to any lengths to get it. Assaulting, stealing, robberies, killing, neglecting their young children, becoming more and more addicted and not even concerned about what they are doing to their loved ones, friends and our town. Our community is trying to turn a blind eye to what the devastating affect ICE is having on our community. Most residence are bury their heads in the sand, just tottaly ignoring that we have a real problem with ICE in our community. Until ICE comes knocking on their door. Parents and friends generally have no idea what is happening  as they have never experienced ICE or similar substances. ICE is the only character changing drug, most others send you to sleep etc but doesn't change character. As soon as" the shit hits the fan," it is a major trauma as parents do not know what to do or where to go to help. Invariably the path is gruesome as ICE needs to be treated very differently to other substances, including alcohol.

What are some of the Ingredients that are used to     produce -  ICE ?

There are many dangerous chemicals that go into making ICE, including……


Used in nail polish remover and paint thinners; highly inflammable


Used in batteries; reacts violently when mixed with water and is highly explosive


Used to strip rust from steel; in high concentrations, can eat away at human flesh.


Used in brake fluid; powerful enough to dissolve rubber


Shaved off match boxers by meth cooks; is foundin road flares and other explosives.



Used to dispose of road kill because it turns dead bodies into a coffee-like liquid.


Decongestant affects the nervous system.



I know we all have our own busy lives but please I plead with you to read this through. My name is Karen I am an ex-addict and ex-alcoholic I have been in recovery for many years and have a peaceful life with my 16 yrs. old.

ICE is the purest form of methamphetamine and highly sort as an illicit drug due to its potency and now availability in our community. ICE has halved in price and is a very sought after commodity in the market for dealers.

ICE is killing a generation of our young people. ICE does not discriminate either it is not just our young people our Indigenous people are being targeted too.  Families are being torn apart losing their loved ones to this vial and ugly drug.

Our entire emergency services men and women our doctors, nurses and police are all being violently assaulted.

ICE is the only drug that tells it’s user that they are invincible and no one can stop them when they are on this drug. Crimes and violence are committed to pay for their next hits and users do not care who gets in their way. “You feel numb.” “It is just like being in a video game and you can’t be killed and if you do get killed then you just RESPAWN.”

It is time to STOP blaming the councils, governments, the police, the parents; it is time to take responsibility for OUR community before ICE takes control.

The Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk is conducting an ICE Forum in Rockhampton and possibly Cairns but not TOWNSVILLE.

WTF is wrong with this woman ????

Outside of Brisbane Townsville is the drug capitol of Regional Queensland.

Same old adage, everyone knows where Cairns but not Townsville. “Oh, is Townsville somewhere near Brisbane.”

Please join me with your responses to this injustice, we need help and we need to work together on OUR ICE problem which is causing a scourge on OUR town.

I am doing an interview with the local ABC and I would welcome any support.

Karen   Mobile: 0477470382

I would sincerely like to be able to start a petition to have Annastacia Palaszczuk, The Premier of Queensland to do an ICE Forum in our city, Townsville. Townsville is the drug capitol of Regional Queensland and we are definitely isolated from the devastating effects of this insidious drug ICE.

Kindest Regards,

Karen Rushton



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