Demand the Resignation of Ithaca's Deputy Chief of Police

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On Thursday October 22nd, Ithaca's Deputy Chief of Police (Initials: VM. Provided as such as the site has been removing it. See Youtube link or petition comments for full reference) can be seen on video outside a rally for Tom Reed confronting peaceful protesters. One protester, a black man, had just been approached by a middle aged white man brandishing a knife and hurling death threats. The man with the knife was let go, and the black man was arrested without having his rights read on grounds of "obstruction."  then invited witnesses to follow them to the station if they wanted to complain about it.

What followed was a massive protest that resulted in the arrest of 5 other community members & organizers on vague obstruction charges regarding an assembly they did not organize. During the protest, police assaulted many people in order to pull these targets from the crowd, including several minors. They were then made the target of pepper spray, a toxic aerosol chemical. One organizer with whom the officer is familiar was arrested and repeatedly misgendered during her detainment.

Had the officer done his job by arresting the threatening person with the weapon and not two peaceful minority community members, things may not have escalated the way they had. This officer failed to protect vulnerable members of the community. This officer encouraged a larger demonstration than was necessary for what was clearly a minor personal annoyance. This officer did not protect his people or the property of his community with his actions this day.

We the people of Ithaca implore each other to protect one another by disempowering this police member who willfully disobeyed his own call of duty and endangered Ithacan citizens that night with his reckless, violent,  and discriminatory behavior.

We are asking all members of local political office and the heads of IPD to consider his immediate dismissal without severance pay or access to benefits. Please respond effectively and promptly upon receiving this petition.