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YES, we have been marginalized. Yes, we the union of the Cameroons was not done right in the first place. YES, the people of Southern Cameroon have the right to stand up for their dignity.
Dear brothers and sisters, we have engaged in a bloody fight without the proper strategy and manpower. This has lead to the loss of thousands of lives and a deteriorating economy in the NW and SW. We, as anglophones, can and should do better. I understand the bitterness and anger in every one of us. Lets stand up as a people who understand the consequences of loosing our youth, children and economy. Lets do the hardest thing- Retreat with pride and look for a better strategy to solving our problems.
We can not destroy the same youth that we depend on to build our future. We can not build a future after depriving our children from basic education. We can not allow people who live comfortably in foreign lands to push us into self-destruction. Lets do what is right. Lets STOP this anglophone fight NOW. No one will be arrested. No one will be killed because they took part in the Amba fight. Our future is now. Drop your weapons. Come out of the bushes. STOP receiving money from sponsors abroad. STOP sending money to support the struggle(the blood of the youth that are dying is in your hands). Let your children go back to school. OPEN your shops and restart our economy. STOP the GHOST town. Don't provoke any military personnel. Let us rebuild our villages and cities.

We will put together a commission that will help all affected families and villages. We will help those who have lost their homes.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to everyone. SHARE SHARE SHARE. Every life matters. Don't allow another young person to be killed. You can do so by sharing this petition massively.

After sharing, call your neighbor and let us all do the same.

Thank you for saving a life.