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Remove Keven Dementor as admin of Rexburg's Garage & Yard Sales Facebook group

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Kevin Dement is an Admin of the most popular Garage and Yard sale group in the Rexburg/Madison county area. He recently posted a discussion post in the group. This post talked about all the people Kevin Derrent had to ban over the course of his time as admin. He suggested that the vast majority of the people he had to ban due to their unacceptable behavior in the group were employees of the City of Rexburg, or the local university; BYU-Idaho.

Numbers were not given. Claims were not supplied with evidence.

Then, a brave man name Phil (name changed for privacy reasons) decided to challenge these claims with a simple observation. Keevin Devent responded with hostility. A few other people chimed in, including myself, disagreeing with Kleven. Each was swiftly banned and blocked from the page.

And so I call upon the people of Rexburg to right the wrongs that have been caused this day! Sign this petition, and lets get Kevin Dement removed as Admin of the great Rexburg's Garage and Yard Sales!


Below is a full transcript of events, because I can't add more photos. Names of victims have been changed for privacy reasons

Comment #1: Phil: Hmmm. I would guess the biggest employers in Rexburg would be BYU-I/CES and the City of Rexburg. So the proportion of BYU-I/CES / Rexburg members banned is probably a reflection of their proportions in the group.

I just wonder why you would find that noteable enough to warrant comment?

Comment #2: Jayce: Muffinman (Kelvin Farrent's nickname) takes his job as admin very seriously. Also he's probably anti-LDS/BYUI and seeks opportunity to make those groups look bad. I'll probably get banned for saying this but w/e.

Comment #3: Kevin himself: They are not the biggest employers by direct quantity of employee. You are outrightly wrong. Do you live in Rexburg?

Phil: Yes, I do live in Rexburg. Maybe you should share what your point was before calling me out on an educated guess of the make-up of your group as a reflection of the community at large?

Jayce: I agree with Phil.

Kevin Dementor: My point is obvious. The school and city government tend to hire people of unsatisfactory character. Didn't read the rules did you Phil?

(at this point, Kelvin banned Jayce and Phil)

Comment #4: Kiley: Um I'm sorry, what Kevin? Of course most of those people on a REXBURG sale page would be from those places. Because they reside in REXBURG and have to find jobs close to where they live. Just because there are some unsatisfactory characters that come from the school/city doesn't mean you can just assume that they "tend" to hire those kinds of people. I think YOU should be banned, or at least not be an admin anymore, since it's pretty clear you have a strong bias against those individuals. I don't even understand what this post is for.

Kevlin the Weak: Wow. emanating unintelligence...Thank you for the great example, employee of BYUI...

(at this point, Kiley was banned as well)
*end transcript*


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