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We want the Pittsburgh Pirates to get outta tahn!

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I have been a Pirates fan since I can remember.  I went to my first baseball game in the United States in 2004, while my family was visiting from Japan.  I watched Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, etc.

I've spent at least two thousand dollars on jerseys, tickets, parking, food, etc. at the greatest ballpark in the world, not unlike a lot of other Pittsburghers.  What has this got us?

I watched Russel Martin crush that Cueto pitch into the stands.  I've watched the management blame fans for lack of money to improve the team.  We've taken these insults, and continued to watch, to attend, to support.  Three years ago, it felt like the Pirates were real close to doing something big, and then the city of Pittsburgh got a front row view to watch the Pirates management display it's complacency. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made it blatantly clear that they no longer wish to be competitive in Major League Baseball.  This has been ensured by the trading of the teams two most talented players for scraps in this past week alone.  TV ratings (from one of the least lucrative television deals in Major League Baseball) and attendance have been down the past two years in a row, and with the actions of the delusional management, we have no reason to believe that this will change in the years coming.  The owner, Bob Nutting, has made it obvious that he does not care about competiting, only filling his coffers with as much gold as humanly possible.  

If the Pirates won't move, we can boycott them.

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