Petition To Keep Our Identity, Culture and Legacy at Kahuku High School

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Kaniela Tuipulotu
Kaniela Tuipulotu signed this petition

I started this petition a few days ago to counter against a petition that was started by someone to change the mascot of Kahuku High School which he believes to be offensive to Native Americans and racists.

This is a noble sentiment to be sure, but it is mistaken. The color red in the name of our mascot is referring to the color of our school. Which was chosen because of the red soil of the Kahuku hills. It in fact now has no relation to any race at all. In addition to this, to hear the word red and to think of Native Americans is kind of a racist thought process in and of itself. 

A few years ago Kahuku did make changes to the mascot to make it clear to everyone that it’s a Polynesian figure and represents our Polynesian cultures and ideals.  

As a Native American and Native Hawaiian I do not see our mascot as racist or degrading. I see it as a symbol of pride, of perseverance, of hard work and determination. I see MYSELF and my brothers and classmates in our mascot. I see MY cultures in our mascot. Whenever I played rugby for Kahuku here or in the states or in New Zealand I knew there was a whole community of Kahuku Red Raiders hoping the best for me and there was and is a deep desire to push hard to do our BEST at everything not just sports- to make our families and community proud and to follow in the footsteps of ALL the previous Red Raiders and to continue to bring PRIDE to our community. 
I don’t see any other representation of myself or my cultures outside of Kahuku and who’s to tell us how we can define, depict or represent ourselves. Our mascot is now a Polynesian representing Polynesian culture values and Our name represents our sense of place and our fighting spirit. 

This issue should be decided by US- Kahuku Students and Alumni. Like I said earlier, We DONT need anyone else telling us how we should be represented. 

To the people trying to change us
Please Stop wasting time trying to change something that is good -Go feed the hungry or house the homeless instead.