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1:40 p.m. on 15 March 2019, muslims were attending friday prayers when a terrorist gunman brutally shot 42 at and injuring at least 50 at the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave and 7 at Linwood Islamic Center, 1 later at Christchurch Hospital on sunday 17th march.

by signing this petition, you are helping the decision to ban automatic rifles in new zealand ( POLICE AND MILITARY ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS) and to change the laws on gun licencing.....

  • The current age to obtain a gun licence in New Zealand is 16 years of age 

Step 1
Complete the application form


Step 2
Pay your application fee

Take your completed application form to a PostShop and pay the firearms licence application fee. Attach the receipt to your application form. You can get your passport photos taken (for step 3) at the same time if you need to.

Step 3
Get two recent colour passport style photos

Attach these photos to your application form. Your photos must be:

35mm x 45mm untrimmed
taken not more than 12 months from when you supply it
a good likeness of you
a full front view of your face, head, and shoulders, with your head filling most of the photo
taken without a hat or head covering unless you wear either for religious reasons
taken against a plain, light-coloured background
a coloured photo
printed on good quality paper
Step 4
Deliver your application to Police

Take your application to your nearest police station. Remember to take:

your application form
the PostShop receipt for your application fee
two recent passport style photos
your firearms licence (if you have one)
three documents that prove your identity (passport, birth certificate, driver licence, photo ID, credit card/bank card). At least one of the documents needs to have a photo of you.

Step 5
Police background check

Police will carry out an initial background check relevant to whether you are a fit and proper person to possess firearms or airguns.
Step 6
Firearms safety programme

If you’re applying for your first firearms licence then you need to complete the Firearms Safety Course to obtain a firearms licence for the first time.
If you’re applying for your first firearms licence and you have previously successfully completed the old firearms safety course, or the Whakatūpato programme, then you don’t need to complete the new firearms safety course.
If you’re an existing or previous licence holder applying for a new firearms licence, you will be directed by Police to either complete a firearms safety test (in the application form) during the licensing process, or to undertake the Firearms Safety Course.
Note: You need to receive the Firearms Safety Course confirmation letter from Police before you enrol to attend a Firearms Safety Course, which includes sitting the theory test and completing the practical handling session.

To complete the firearms safety programme you will need to:

study the Arms Code thoroughly. We also recommend that you complete the Arms Code Quiz to help you to prepare
attend the Firearms Safety Course. The course includessitting the firearms theory test. This is a multiple question test that you must pass
practical session covering safe handling and use of firearms.
Step 7
Police interviews and security check

Police will arrange a visit to interview you and check your firearms security arrangements. We’ll also interview your referees and complete any remaining enquiries.
Step 8
Firearms licence approval

Police will evaluate if you are a fit and proper person to possess or use firearms, before deciding whether to approve your firearms licence application. If your application is approved, you’ll be issued a firearms licence.