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Gov. Cuomo: Fix the MTA, or We'll Vote You Out

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In 1968, the State of New York took over control of the MTA in New York City. Since then, failure to maintain and improve the system regularly has led to massive delays, overcrowding, and five fare hikes in 10 years, none of which has solved the system's many, horrific woes. 

Delays have mushroomed from 28,000 a month in 2012 to 70,000 in 2017, according to the New York Times. Meanwhile, the Governor yanked $65mil from operating costs to cover capital costs for which he should have secured contingency funds long ago.

Enough is enough. Almost six million people depend on the subway daily. The people of New York are sick of living in a First Class city with a failing Third World transit system. Governor Cuomo has de facto control of the MTA because he appoints six of its board members as well as its CEO. It's on him to fix this.

Governor Cuomo, you need to make this your top priority. That includes 1) appointing leaders who will actually improve service, 2) budgeting more for operations and devising a long term, workable plan to reduce delays and interruptions of service, 3) working tirelessly to secure more funding from the state and the federal government, and 4) committing yourself personally and your administration generally to an overhaul, instead of saying totally silent in the midst of the collapse of our transit system.

The good people of New York deserve better. Governor, unless you fix this, we will vote for your primary opponent in 2018 to make sure we have someone who will.

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