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End corruption

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It's about time we stop complaining and start acting.

anyone with an Irish passport should vote, just because you are in a different country doesn't mean you can't help your friends and family achieve a chance to gain financial freedom. 

A chance they will never get if we continue to be corrupted and financially raped by the European Union. 

Its time companies like Apple Pay their taxes and time we fix this homeless crisis in Ireland. Investigate and abolish anyone that has been robbing our people. 

Gerry Adams offered to run the country for minimum wage, yet because he's tarnished by the media we'd rather a complete stranger talk toilet and be voted in only to abuse us and claim expense after expense and make a laughing stock of our hard working mothers and fathers. 


There is is no reason Ireland should be such a struggle to live in. Cap the rental market.

there is no reason why half of your income should have to go on rent. No doubt all this struggle has something to do with the evident high suicide rate in Ireland. 

All our our natural resources sold for brown envelopes by these demonic sadistic "leaders" of our country. 

For a country that fought for freedom. We have all just given it away to the European Union.

We voted NO to the Lisbon treaty and we were called "ungrateful bastards" by one Brussels official.

another vote was put in place and we voted YES

**mass manipulation propaganda and corruption led to people voting yes again. People that watch the news but don't research or do their homework are the people that voted our country into this mass recession and depressive state. 

Every year inflation occurs due to a new tax or legislation imposed by the European Union and the banks because we are in debt.

***WE are  not in debt, our Irish people are not in debt so why are we paying for the mistakes of the bankers and the mistakes of people managing this country, people that couldn't manage a small cafe. 

For over sixty years, the Irish pound was pegged at par with sterling, giving Ireland an over-valued currency which reduced competitiveness and inhibited economic growth and employment.

Joining the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), deprived us of the ability to maintain our competitiveness by adopting an exchange rate or interest rate that would enable us to balance our payments and it fails to compensate us for that loss, by the automatic transfer of resources from the centre.

The Treaties require all EU Member States to join the Eurozone, except Britain and Denmark, which negotiated legal opt-outs under the Maastricht Treaty. The Swedish people rejected joining the currency in 2003 by 56% to 42% and in 2010 Sweden's growth rate was the highest in the EU.

we are a small proud beautiful country there is no reason we should have fallen victim to capitalism & corruption of the highest order.

If we had opted to stay out of the euro in 1999 it is likely that the Irish pound would, like sterling and the dollar, have initially risen against the euro while our interest rates would also have stayed higher than those in the eurozone.

***My answer is to leave the euro, reinstitute our own currency, allow it to fall to reflect the real competitive position of our ruined economy and start again. 

Default and exit from the Eurozone have very serious implications but these must be weighed against the serious implications of continued recession and stagnation.


Stand up now make a change. 

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