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Tax, Fine & Penalize the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland for its crimes against humanity

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The Roman Catholic Church is a multi-trillion euro institution from Italy that takes in millions of euros in untaxed profits every year so it can continue its campaign of mental imperialism on innocent people & children. Despite having no evidence except that someone wrote something in a book, which is about as much evidence that "Harry Potter" exists, these roman agents have embedded themselves into the fabric of our society including not only the Constitution, but appointing themselves as gatekeepers to an eternal afterlife and custodians of a moral compass with nothing said about the continuation of all forms of life here on planet Earth despite climate change, crumbling biodiversity and the anthropocene. The Roman Agents from this institution are directly responsible for the systematic cover-up and facilitation of prolonged misguidance, discrimination, sexual abuse, torture, depravity and even the sale, murder & secret group-burial of innocent children, often taking "illegitimate" children away from their parents allowing for unfathomable pain and completely unnecessary suffering. Following the most recent scandal of 800 babies found they chucked into a septic tank in Tuam Co. Galway, we the signatures of this petition WANT A TAX imposed on the actions of this roman institution and we want to impose a multi-million/billion euro FINE on this roman cult considering the colossal wealth they have accumulated over 2000 years that can be used here to reimburse survivors of the torture they have endured and for the crimes this cult has repeatedly forced against humanity.

We the signatures believe in religious freedom and do not intend to promote hate. We will march alongside Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and all other religious to protect ones religious freedom, however we believe the institutions in control of our society need to be taxed, fined, penalized and even criminalised for the crimes they have committed against humanity. Similar taxes exist in many other countries and we would like Ireland to follow suit.

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