Ranked Choice Voting for California

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Improving our State and Country

Currently, over 65 percent of Americans now identify as independent because they feel neither the Republican or Democratic party represents their values.  Many or most actually have principles in sync with a third party, but either do not realize it, or are under the myth that only two political parties have the rights to governance. In many communities, a given party remains confident enough in their victory that they no longer feel the need to connect with the average person. This conception is only serving to further polarize the people, while the constraint of two choices is increasingly diverging from the intentions of being a true democratic-republic.

 What Is Ranked Choice Voting?

Rather than being forced to choose only one candidate, ranked choice voting allows you to rank your candidates in order of preference. Ranked choice voting gives you, the voter, more freedom and power to express your political beliefs.

Why Ranked Choice Voting?

Simply put, ranking preference of candidates removes the burden of feeling forced to vote between two unpopular candidates. By giving other voices a chance, all views are made stronger thus producing better candidates for everyone. The system is already gaining traction elsewhere in the nation. Maine passed ranked choice voting by referendum in the latest elections, making them the first in the nation to do so for all levels of governance.

People in other states such as Indiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina have been making moves to make “Ranked-Choice Voting” a reality. Voting in California like the rest of the nation would greatly benefit from Ranked-Choice Voting. Most nations around the world have successfully been using this with results of much less corruption than governance in the United States.

How Does This Work?

Say your first choice ends up in last place. That’s unfortunate, but no need to worry about your voice not being heard! Instead, whoever you ranked second then receives your vote. This process continues until someone holds a majority.

By signing this petition you agree that during the 2018 California November elections and beyond, it should be decided by the people of California through referendum whether to continue forward with ranked choice voting for election of all local, state and national candidates.