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The Cashless welfare card is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will this cause more crime (Already started) but it will also cause more unemployment, more problems and push more crime underground.

QUESTION: How will it cause more crime?

ANSWER: When the very few people that do prove positive to drugs end up with a basics card they are going to do what they believe they need to do to get the drugs they're addicted to. Which mean burglaries, bashings, Murders, People having to defend themselves. It's plain and simple logic. Hopefully the few that do resort to the dark side to fill their addictive needs will go after the Politicians that caused this incoming trouble and leave the innocent people alone. But we all know what addiction does to a person so I hope that this is seen for what it will be and fixed before any serious damage is caused. (In Kununurra some key crime stats have gone up since the trial was introduced,This may be an indication that people are finding other avenues to access cash. Before anybody can do any analysis of the final evaluation report, the third site has been announced. The previous report was flawed; I lack confidence in the government's analysis.)

QUESTION: How will it cause more unemployment?

ANSWER: There are many People on welfare that work as sole traders, Second hand dealers, Hobbyists ect the list goes on. These People need to buy, swap and sell in places such as community/town markets and stores that do not have and can not afford to have card scanning equipment. So not only will people be able to buy the things they need to run their businesses but the people with businesses that can't afford the card scanning equipment will lose customers and eventually end up losing their businesses which in turn would also make normally innocent people turn to crime just in order to survive. 



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