Let’s water Australia, we have little left in manufacturing, lets get food on the table!

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This Petion is not about me, my brother, my cousin, this is about our country, I grew up with immigrants, its not about race, nor religion we are all from different countries, looking for a place to grow and to contribute, and grow from workers Australia  has, so many who worked on the snowy hydro, that’s where I grew up, 35kms from town, I say a place called Tooma is still home, this is not about Tooma, its about a life so full of memories filled with hard workers, their families and to this day life long friends, there were droughts there were floods, there were a mix of “Australians” that shaped me, Australia is what this petition is about its about water, there is not an abundance but we waste it, we waste it and we waste it, I propose that we look forward 50-100 years, the petition is for the Governments to put their often Egotistical Leaders, their believers, there cronies and the media that is on side to sit, stop, think, what are we doing here, Australia has the best lifestyle that’s on offer in the world, we have a harsh climate and the past desicions of wage growth, vote buying  and the current hand out mentality is catching up, we are in trouble, sure there is growth, lets make Australia sustainable and environmentally responsible, lets look to a migrants, Mr Richard Pratt, Mr Bradfield they are my idols,I don’t have their business acumen, but I have the best for Australia in mind, let’s petition the people to respond and see about responsibly getting water where its needed when it is needed, lets do a study and make it open and get water in pipes, build dams and there will be jobs, , there will be food we will need more migrants,they wont have a choice of ganging up in the suburbs, for they must work, no free entry, no work no pay no benefits-� contribute to Australia, it will give me pleaseure to hand a pettion with a few signatures on it to the leaders past and present who dont bother to reply to correspondance other than the obligatory “we got your letter’

lets water Australia, please vote

Peter McCallum