Improve the lives of students

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The education system in America is failing. We prize grades over learning. Information recall over creativity. Competition over cooperation. This is not how children were meant to learn. When we teach students in this way, they stress their brains studying for tests when they'll forget the information the next day. They are losing sleep over projects and assignments that are simply for grades and will never help in their lives. Mental health is failing in students everywhere, and we aren't doing anything about it. 

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger issues, and so many more mental issues are becoming more and more prevalent in students. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in peoples aged 10 - 24. This really isn't good. We can help prevent this by decreasing stress levels for students and helping them feel comfortable in school. By learning and progressing, and being told they are doing good in school, students moods improve, and in turn their mental health.

Sleep deprivation is another big problem. Without getting enough sleep the ability to learn and make new memories decreases significantly. Brain functions start to decline. High blood pressure, obesity, and even things like dementia and cancer become more prevalent in people who don't get enough sleep regularly. When students are studying for school they tend to stay up later, and then have to wake up early to go learn. Students are getting less than 6 hours of sleep on average in a time when they need it the most. Sometimes they will stay up for days at a time, studying too late to sleep and thinking it be best to stay up for the next few hours until their alarms go off.

Students - Have you ever come home from school and worked until you had to go to bed so you didn't fail a class? Have you ever had a panic attack over a failing grade? This isn't healthy. 

Parents - Has your child ever come home from school upset over the amount of work they have to do? You might think they are being overdramatic and whiney, but that's not the case. Have they ever missed a meal or a family event trying to finish a project? 

Teachers and schools teach all their students the same. There is no room for growth, and if the student doesn't learn well in the way they are taught they are considered 'slow' and 'stupid'. That isn't a way to teach. Children are made to believe that they aren't good enough if they don't get straight A's. They are failures if they fail a test. This hurts self esteem and makes them grow up to be less successful, believeing they are inferior to the 'smart kids'. Meanwhile, those students who are labeled as smart are often being pushed too hard to succeed and when they do something wrong it hurts them more than anyone.

In other countries such as Finland, school days start later, there isn't standardized testing, and the schools teach more about cooperation in learning, rather than competition. This is the way we should be learning.
And because of this, Finland has the leading educational system in the world. 
Sleeping longer improves mental and psysical health. 
Standardized tests stress students unnessecarily and promote educational bulimia rather than actual education. 

Students need to learn that learning is a process that everyone does differently and that it is not good to compare themselves to others. But that's not how our school systems do things.
By dealing with this, students quality of life will improve. They will, on average, be happier, more optimistic, nicer to each other and to themselves.

We need a change.