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There is a fight between love and hate for your hearts, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a fight between war and peace for your minds, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a fight between good and evil for your souls, the One who wins is the One you choose.

There is a war being waged against humanity and the state the world is in today is a direct result of that war. Corruption, greed, terrorism, racism, slavery, drug addiction, sexual assaults, violence are nothing but different parts of this war. The way the World is structured, its systems and institutions are all feeding this war.

We human beings share common connections, connections that have been broken causing disruptions in our daily lives creating all the problems we see in the world today. Due to this connection when any life is disrupted, it affects us all. The need to end these disruptions is a matter of global emergency. Of all the events disrupting our lives across the globe today war and violence are the most profound with the most damaging effects.

In today’s world, war and violence dominate above all our problems and issues and when the wars end, 90% of  all our problems will also disappear. War and violence consume the greatest majority of all national resources and manpower placing heavy strains on the economy draining resources and wasting them all. War dominates the world today because the world as it is now is not what it is supposed to be and THE NEED for it to be changed to what it is supposed to be IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR ENDING THE WARS TO ALLOW THE WORLD TO BECOME A BETTER PLACE.

If you are traveling on a ship and it starts falling apart you don't continue the journey on the same ship but change it for a new one.

If you are traveling on a plane and it starts falling apart, you don't continue the flight on the same plan but land to change it for a new one.

If you live in a house so worn and broken that it starts falling apart you don't continue to live in the same house but move into a new one.

Such is the nature of the condition the world is in today. The word "broken system" has been used time and time again to refer to the United States and most of the 192 nations across the globe. From Africa, to South America, Central America, North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe a great majority of nations are considered "broken." and need to be changed.  20I8 has been a chaotic year for most thus far and my will is to help end it in flying colors on a much better note. August is my birth month and my gift to humanity, is to take a stand and fight for a better world. This campaign is to gather signatures and support for me to present to the powers in place today to help initiate this change. The world we live in MUST CHANGE, and the time for that change has come.

Sign this petition

  • If you are sick and tired of what the world has become.
  • If you want equality for all sexes, races and religions.
  • If you want peace and not war.
  • If you want to rid the world of poverty.
  • If you want to end human rights abuse.
  • If you want to rid the world of corruption.
  • If you want to rid the world of slavery.
  • If you want to rid the world of greed.
  • If you want to rid the world of hate.
  • If you want to rid the world of racism.
  • If you want to rid the world of sickness and diseases.
  • If you want to rid the world of tyranny.
  • If you want respect for all lives.
  • If you care about humanity and the planet.

    All the problems facing the World today are caused by dysfunctions in society that can be changed. Dysfunctions that we are supporting and feeding by accepting them as normal. By signing this petition you are pledging that;

·       You will no longer accept  or support the dysfunctions we see in the world today.

These dysfunctions include but are not limited to illegitimate governments, deceptive religious systems, deceptive political systems, deceptive economic systems.

·      You will support the removal and eradication of corruption from all places of power.

This includes but not limited to corrupt religious and spiritual leaders, corrupt politicians, corrupt leaders in general.

·      You will contribute to our efforts towards building better relationships individually and collectively, locally and internationally.

·     You will join forces to help bring the United States and consequently the world to a better place, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally.

Singling out the issues facing the world as is the common practice among the multitudes of individuals, foundations, organizations and government bodies combating these issues today is like treating a diseased farm one leaf at a time. In order for the issues to be resolved it must be properly diagnosed and dealt with as a whole at the roots where the most profound effect can be made. The amount of work and energy required to fix these flaws and end the issues lies in our collective power and that collective power is the purpose of this campaign. To harness that power and put it to effective use so we can end the wars, poverty, slavery, racism and consequently heal ourselves. So sign it, don't debate whether its possible or not, just sign it, your name and voice are all we are asking for. You can also donate to support this cause if you believe. Give thanks, may Love lead us "Home."                                   


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