Justice for All Victims of Police Brutality

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      As you know, there have been many acts of police brutality towards POC. They were unjustifiably killed just because of the color of their skin. For an instance, we see George Floyd, a 59 year old African American man who was “allegedly” accused of forging a check. He then was pinned down by Minneapolis Police officer David Chauvin. Chauvin proceeded to dig his knee into Floyd’s throat for 7 minuets, while Floyd kept repeating the words, “I can’t breathe.” “They are going to kill me.” George Floyd was then killed, in broad daylight. News was released that Chauvin and Floyd were coworkers in past years, They worked security at the same night club for 17 years, and Chauvin sat there and didn’t move his knee, even having a personal relationship with Floyd.


Breonna Taylor, an award winning EMS worker and a crucial member of the front lines. In March, Kentucky police entered her home unknowingly, without knocking, to search the house with a warrant for an ongoing narcotics case. But the suspect police were looking for was already in custody, but they still shot Taylor’s boyfriend and her because they looked suspicious. 


Just yesterday, May 28th, 2020, Toronto police killed black female Regi Korchinski-Paquet by pushing her off of a 24 STORY BUILDING. The details of her death have not been released yet, but isn’t it obvious?

Donald Trump, the president of The United States of  America, is calling for violence against protestors. Referring to them as “thugs” and is using the quote “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” 

This is supposed to be America, home of free, be who you want to be, no matter the color of you're skin. These acts need to stop, and they need to be stopped now. I’m calling for justice for the thousands of people of color that are wrongfully killed by police officers. Disciplinary action needs to be taken into effect, and we will not be silent until proper decisions are made against these officers. Nobody should ever have to live in fear, just because of their skin tone. We stand with you. We hear you. We see you. Justice will be served. Our voices will be heard❤️. #saytheirnames #icantbreathe