Justice for Aligarh Rape Case

Justice for Aligarh Rape Case

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I am starting this petition to demand justice for twinkle,  the victim of Aligarh Rape Case, the incidence which happened on 30th of May, 2019. Incidences of this sort is a shame for our society. Just imagine a 3 year old being raped and killed. My heart shakes with fear thinking of the sight. The culprit has no right to be called a human. He is a monster. A person with no ethics,  no conscience and only lust, lust and lust in his mind. Such kind of people should be left in a place full of red and black ants. They should be left to die surrounded by those ants so that they die in pain slowly and slowly. I don't think they deserve to be hanged till death. This will be a very easy punishment for these monsters.

Rape,  a very serious issue of our country is overlooked by our government. No quick actions are taken against the culprit. The law should allow the society to take revenge of these cases and punish the culprits without waiting for the court to decide. The victim's parents, friends and relatives should be allowed to kill the culprit. According to me, this type of murder is fully justified and it shouldn't be accounted as a crime.  Only then we will be able to stop cases of such kind. The law of our country has so much of twists and turns that the culprit enjoys to move freely without any fear. This encourages other people of such mentality to repeat such rape cases. 

We demand justice for twinkle.  We want quick results. I can't say that  may her soul rest in peace because I know that her soul will never find peace until and unless the rapist gets punished. My dear friends,please sign our petition  if u find it effective and justified. 

National Executive Director 
Peace, Justice, Humanity and Relief Foundation (PJHRF)