Ways to solve the traffic in Metro Manila

Ways to solve the traffic in Metro Manila

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Rhoan Lubguban started this petition to The people in Metro Manila
Traffic is one of the major problem not only in Metro Manila but also in a whole philippines, Especially during Christmas Season.

The solution to solve the traffic in Philippines are:

I. Improve the Mass Transport System
The daily traffic in epic proportions and the disparaging results of this can only be attributed to the lack of a proper and adequate mass transport system in the country. Any modern society faces the imminence of traffic congestion regardless of the continent it is found, If we only have an efficient rail way system like in Japan or Singapore, even foreigners or tourists in the country need not pay more as by taking a cab, Uber or Grab, if only taking public transportation will take them to their destinations faster, safer and cheaper. If there is a major transit infrastructure, we can decongest traffic. Increasing mass transport to handle 5x its current capacity infrastructure for overhead and underground rail network, plus enough covered walks, people tunnels, people movers. A total infrastructure project covering Olongapo to Pampanga, Bulacan, Metro Manila, and Calabarzon will solve our traffic woes. A major budgetary allocation must be done to bring this project into fruition.

II. Stricter driver's license issuance and renewal
There are two basic things that give an individual mobility on the road. A driver’s license and a vehicle. Simple enough? Not quite. A driver that has been educated on the perils off and on the road would be more cautious and safety-conscious. A no-nonsense implementation of penalties whenever a traffic law or ordinance is violated would deter callous or complacent drivers. Driver education is paramount to road safety and discipline. Maybe the passing score for the licensing test (written and practical exams) should be increased to 88%? One accident alone or a driver’s error can cost many lives... I say we should set our standards higher. Much higher.

III. Modern traffic regulation systems
Our traffic lights should be coordinated or synchronized. Even the newly-installed traffic lights in Makati sometimes are not synchronized with the pedestrian crossing lights. Traffic Volume Sensors should be installed, as well as traffic cameras to apprehend traffic violators, and to determine traffic areas in order to relieve traffic congestion. Real time GPS information technology is available today. The government should develop apps similar to Waze. Comprehensive Street and Road signs should be installed, especially in Manila. It would not hurt to reassess signage positioning vis-a-vis proximity to intersections and density.

IV. Coordinated road infrastructure projects and urban planning. Coordinated road expansion, canal drainage, drillings on the road including pipe laying, construction of additional bridges and vertical parking structures should be provided. Vehicles parked on secondary and teritiary roads should not be tolerated anymore. Metro Manila has only 1,032 kilometers of roads or 3.5% of the total 39,370 kilometers of roads nationwide. The National Capital Region has only one kilometer of road per 424 vehicles. Adding at least an initial 3,000 kilometer capacity (then doubling it soon thereafter) inclusive of bridges leading to and from Metro-Manila to the nearby provinces, and the highways should be planned. Extra bridges for the purpose of taking vehicles out of certain congested or choke areas faster than they can come in should be considered. We see this in most developed, highly dense cities like in Korea. An example is the Mall of Asia (MOA); when a big concert event happens in the area, the traffic reaches all the way to the entirety of EDSA.

VI. Phase out (or replace) the Jeepney
lthough jeepneys are iconic and is the most popular means of public transport in the country, I honestly believe they have to go! This modified war museum piece and its frankenstein derivatives from elf and minibus chassis has continuously evolved on with no technical nor safety standards whatsoever and should be deemed illegal and finally replaced and laid to rest.

And also building a separate highway for cargo to bypass Metro Manila directly to industrial estates.

Personal story
Because i am a student and i am always affected in traffic everytime i go in school.
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