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Stop Black Actors from Having to Wear Dresses in Films

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For years, Hollywood has demanded straight men wear women's clothing for the sake of the cheap, lazy humor that comes from the sight of a man wearing a dress. By giving Hollywood a mandate to stop resorting to this hacky trend, we'll free up the Martin Lawrences, Tyler Perrys, and Wayne Bradys of the world to work to the heights of their talents instead of the depths of Hollywood's assessment of our intellects. 

Sure, these roles mean huge paydays for these actors, and, yes, plenty of people see these movies and adore them, but comedy isn't about massive houses with servants, fancy cars, unlimited credit lines, and worldwide recognition. It's about integrity.

A world where Eddie Murphy never again dresses up as a fat woman for the sake of cheap laughs is within our reach. All you have to do is sign this petition and tell the Hollywood big wigs to stop putting big men in bigger dresses.

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