Hollywood Black-Out

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 STOP! We the American people voted. Hollywood has done nothing since the election but put us down, ridicule us, slander our good nature, morals, and hardworking convictions. They call us Idiot's, Racist, Xenophobe's, Hillbillies, and much more. They portray us as deplorable and try to silence us from within. They have been allowed to go on with their self inflated ego's, lobbyist, and power brokers to hush our Vote! They attack the very core of what our great country was founded on and in turn twist the truth to make us look evil and unpatriotic.

Hollywood, along with the California legislation believe the rules don't apply to them. They wholeheartedly believe we need them. That we all aspire to be them. In reality they truly believe we are powerless to stop them at this point. They have bought Washington and it is their will that should be done. They control the Media in most forms. They don't understand the peril they put our great country in. They believe in a system of government where in the rich minority or elitist should control the outcome, laws, and actions of the rest of our nation. They often refer to us as the fly over zone. They believe an immigrant should have more rights than natural born citizen's and that our country shouldn't have border's. Yes, we know with common sense that this is absurd.  

The best antidote to silence them is to hit them in their wallet's. Stop going to the movies, stop streaming their productions, stop buying their products in all forms. Silence them buy ignoring them. I create this petition on behalf of the silent majority! I ask that everyone whom decides to sign this petition makes the conscience choice to ignore - ban - resist - and speak out against this hypocrisy. Force them to apologize to us as they request from our President. We must show them we have power and that we are the majority. Black Out start date should be from November 1st until May 1st, unless they correct their course with overwhelming action. We will add six months on to the Black Out each time they choose to ignore us. 

We must send a clear and precise message to Hollywood and those of a like nature - ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, TARGET, and all others whom force their political agenda upon us. We voted to take our country back, so let us do just that.

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