Petition to Irish High Court for Edmund Honohan to continue his arbitration of debt cases.

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We The People, hereby petition the Irish High Court, to reverse any decision to remove debt related cases, from the Master Of The High Court, Edmund Honohan. 
We respectfully remind Our Court, of its obligations to uphold the Irish Constitution; giving particular mention to fundamental rights therein. Our country has a worsening housing and homelessness crisis, and citizens being subjected to home evictions are now neglected by our elected representatives. Civil rights must be given precedence, as per Constitutional, Statute and ECHR Laws. 
Social Housing must be provided. And all homeless children and their families made safe and secure without delay. Additionally our 'not for profit' Irish Housing organisations can be facilitated as rental agents, in preference to International Vulture fund home purchases; which should be blocked indefinitely.     
We believe that Edmund Honohan acts stoically, in the interests of the Irish people, justice and good law. His proposed 'Housing and Fair Mortgage Bill' gives merit to our argument, and to his dedication and acumen, in all related regards. With a tsunami of homelessness in the pipeline, and no Governmental solutions put forward, the proposed removal of Edmund Honohan from debt cases, would be disrespectful to due process for the better good. 

We call on The High Court, to pay heed to our collective; as proud citizens of an independent Republic. This petition will be followed up by a hand delivered letter from the Irish people. 

Le Meas.