Divest From Them, Invest In US

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It's the little things that create the big compassionate change!

#whenblackandbrowngogreen is a youth-led environmental and climate justice campaign to engage more youth, primarily black and brown, in conversations about how climate change has directly impacted frontline communities. It is time that we divest from big corporations and invest in natural health and beauty products, food justice, small businesses, and urban farming.

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Why is this so important? 

Being a person of color, the issue of Climate Change was not a high priority of mine. I’m sure most can understand why, especially when we consider the fact that Black and Brown folks are faced with what appears to be more imminent dangers within our own communities such as the ability to walk the streets without being harassed or murdered by law enforcement, or dying in a diabetic coma because you no longer have the medical resources for your health needs such as insulin, or other immediate needs including access to nutritious foods (without pesticides), or loss of shelter due to gentrification.

Big corporations dumping toxic waste and building factories in marginalized and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) frontline communities cause severely compromised air quality and contaminated water, as we witnessed with the Flint Water Crisis. So, what if more youth, especially BIPOC, could see that Climate Justice is not just a “white person’s issue,” but instead recognized that it is a Social Justice Issue, a Public Health Issue and issue that we ALL need to support.  This is why we need to "Divest from Them and Invest in US".

We have seen that when we include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) from frontline communities, particularly young people of color, they have historically been the effective voices of change, and they become motivated to take immediate actions to cure to climate change and the injustices we continue to see to this day. 

The actions we are asking you to commit to today by signing this petition include:

  • Raise awareness and develop strategies that lead to increased sustainability and environmental resilience
  • Divest your money and fight corporate practices that directly contribute to fossil fuels to protect marginalized frontline communities 
  • Invest in BIPOC owned businesses from your local communities
  • Buy local and support urban farming and non GMO products
  • Vote and support policy makers that fund more science-based projects led by BIPOC

Join us in healing our communities by pledging to divest in huge corporations such as Walmart and Amazon, instead supporting local BIPOC owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and activsts within your own city! #whenblackandbrowngogreen will build a national network of BIPOC stories, tutorials, tips, and creative content to share across social media that will create foward momentum, launching us all into the true Compassionate Cure to climate injustice.