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Bring back the Hot Chocolate PopTarts

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In 2007 PopTarts came out with THE Hot Chocolate flavor. Otherwise known as the best flavor in existence. My mom would take me to Walmart on Saturdays, Where I️ would act a mess. You know like badass little kids do.
After beating me in the store until I️ stopped crying she would buy me these PopTarts.
Where I️ would go home put them in my little toaster and eat the whole box in one sitting.
Now that I️ am an adult I️ long for these PopTarts. I️ get so high at night and all I️ can think about are these PopTarts.
The munchies will never be for-filled until I️ get another one of these PopTarts.
I️ have searched the web far and wide as dark and deep as one can get looking for these PopTarts. PopTarts makes all these nasty flavors that are absolutely disgusting like
The Blue Raspberry frosted one or The Hot Fudge Sundae, watermelon, could go on for ever
You took one thing that was a gift from god himself. I️ believe that they should one more chance in production.
The sell off all the shelfs. If this gets enough attention I️ hope that the big man sees this and considered my opinion. Not to mention it’s been 10 years since The Hot Chocolate PopTarts was realeased. 10 year anniversary resurrection.
You’re only hurting yourself PopTarts

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