Call for Public Hearing on the Hard Rock Hotel disaster | Call for a Community Rights Park

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Justin Montrie
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Are we waiting for justice? In New Orleans, the working, laboring people have no justice. Just Look at The Hard Rock Hotel! The HARD ROCK collapse in Downtown New Orleans is a tragedy and now a cover up that has resulted in the deaths of three working New Orleanians, and the ripple effects have left deep hardships for countless others involved. Mayor Latoya Cantrell has a business agenda that has expertly avoided any open hearings where public influence is explicitly addressed to city representatives.

You are part of a large group of people who have been screwed over by the Hard Rock collapse -busriders, residents, workers, cyclists, the elderly, the disabled, the empowered, the privileged, and others. Silence in the face of this disaster only helps the guilty and harms the innocent! Where is the trial? Its been over 140 days since this entirely preventable horror and there is no talk of public reckoning. 1-month, 2-month, 3-month, 4-month anniversary protests and candle light vigils have stirred no response from city government. The Families of the victims are in the dark! Shame on New Orleans! Shame on the Business Community in the South.

New Orleans city government promised a business-centered response to the disaster at Canal and Rampart -filled up with Cantrell's private meetings with wealthy developers and big bank insurers, all while goofy fix-it schemes and immense capital reign and remind residents of the disasters of Katrina (2005), the Great Recession (2008), the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill (2010), and the ongoing gentrification and displacement in the face of Airbnb and Main Street revitalization programs. These epic busts -as well as the Hard Rock Hotel building collapse (2019), are disasters. These crises are not natural disasters befalling an unsuspecting Vieux Carre, rather, these regular and patterned outcomes are the end results of self-conscious decisions to embark on very ambitious projects that reliably overtax the local area's capacity and enmesh local people in schemes of commercial profit.

*Join us in raising the demand for New Orleans City Council to promptly host a series of public hearings on the Hard Rock Hotel disaster and ongoing travesty, that gives everyone a chance to address what happened and what is happening in New Orleans. *

Contact City Council Now!

Dial the number. Ask your councilmember why they aren't this very moment publicly supporting a movement to memorialize this site and turn 1031-1041 Canal into a Community Rights Park - a Green Infrastructure improvement for the future of New Orleans

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Come to meetings on Wednesday evenings. Get your voice out. Speak out to neighbors and in neighborhoods. City government is elected to answer to citizens. We demand that this historic place - the location of the first Civil Rights lunch counter sit-in in New Orleans' history (at the FW Woolworth's) - is correct to now be made into a public, green infrastructure memorial to Community Rights. Community Rights are rights we all share, and rights we will not see privatized and criminalized.

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