Stop the Attack Against Swamiji

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Sarah Landry
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With a heavy heart, I'm creating this petition to ask the people of India and the Honourable President Srhi Ram Nath Kovind to put an end to the persecution, trial by media and torture of His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the international community of Hindus who lovingly call him our Swamiji.

If you visit Nithyananda Peetam Bengaluru Adheenam and ask anyone here why they follow Swamiji, you'll hear stories of divine healing, celestial visions, and yogic powers; things we would have relegated to the domain of science fiction before Swamiji made them into our reality. While this sounds (and is) beautiful, along with our divine bliss, we are also subjected to tremendous pain and suffering underscored by constant ridicule and torment by the paid media and misinformed public.

Our suffering began in 2010, when Sun TV, (a Fox affiliate paid media station in Tamil Nadu known for gossip shows and political mud slinging,) aired a morphed video allegedly depicting our Swamiji in a compromising position with a female devotee. From the moment the scandalous morphed video aired, both Swamiji and the female devotee, a popular south Indian leading film actress, denied ever being in such a position. In fact, when the actress, Ranjitha, confronted Sun TV demanding the right to share her side of the story, they flat out told her that they knew the video was morphed even when they published it, and later, on trial, Hansraj Saxena, then COO of Sun TV, admitted the video was fake. He has since gone to prison for extortion, and Sun TV was forced to air an apology. Even still, most South Indians believe the video was real since it was blasted on every channel 24/7 for days, and the retraction was a mere compulsory blurb.

The publication of that fake video caused a media frenzy: newspapers and television stations across South India attacked Swamiji and all of His disciples in a mad rush of sensationalism, all but destroying Swamiji's public image, and ours. They have called his adheenam, (a traditional Hindu monastery temple complex,) a prostitution ring, alleging that all of his female monastic disciples are international hookers, so we get sneered at and mocked in the streets, called the vilest names which can't be repeated here. 

Who morphed the video, and why? It's not a mystery: as early as 2008, three conspirators began plotting against Swamiji, greedy for his land. One, a Seattle man named Vinay Bhardwaj, cherished vengence against Swamiji because he was banned from the Seattle temple after molesting a child. Another, Douglas Mac Kallor, felt demeaned by his wife, who earned the household income, and plotted to extort money from the Dhyanapeetam Charitable Trust. Mac Kallor secretly filmed his wife in bed, then asked her to play the role of a rape victim in the plot he and Bhardwaj had crafted to extort money from Swamiji. When she refused, and threatened to go to the police, he gave her a copy of the blue film and said that if she went to the police, his friend Lenin Karuppan, a pornographer and ex con from South India, the third conspirator, would morph it to appear as if Swamiji, not her husband, was in bed with her and that the footage would be leaked to the anti-Hindu paid press, who are always eager to destroy the reputation of Hindu gurus. (We have documented evidence and witness testimony to prove all this, which you can see for yourself at

Lenin Karuppan, the pornographer who bragged of skills to morph sex tapes and create misrepresentations through deep fake technology, tried to extort money from Swamiji by filing a false case against him: at the same time he sold the morphed Nithyananda Ranjitha video to Sun TV, he filed a rape case against Swamiji. It's the first case in the world ever to lead to an arrest over an alleged crime with no victim, no evidence and no witness. Swamiji was arrested and illegally imprisoned, held in judicial custody for more than 50 days, when prosecutors finally quietly told the judge they had no rape case. At that point, the conspirators and prosecution went on a hiring spree in search of any ex female devotee of Swamiji willing to claim rape. They took out adds in the paper offering free legal support, travel fees and more to anyone willing to claim Swamiji had raped her; the same offer was given in a blog published in America. Six months later, a woman who had previously denied any knowledge of untoward activity in the ashram, and who had sent a warning email detailing that three men were trying to plot against Swamiji by searching for a false rape victim, stepped forward and claimed he had raped her. Her allegation is impossible: for one thing, she is infected with four strains of highly infectious herpes, which her medical reports state she carried before her alleged encounters with Swamiji, who tested clean. For another, the dates she gave didn't match: the multiple supposed sexal encounters include dates in which she and Swamiji were each on separate continents. Her case was so absurd that she was found guilty in US court of creating a false case and fined nearly half a million US dollars. Court documents can be seen here:

Despite victory in US court, and FBI analysis of the morphed tape proving it was morphed, (see the case here: ) media continues to support the false accusations against Swamiji, and continues to harass his devotees, as well. This adheenam was called a "prostitution ring" in a multitude of South Indian journals, and because of their lie, Hindu brahmacharinis, avowed chaste nuns like myself, are continuosly hounded on social media and jeered at in the streets. I was verbally assaulted by immigration officers in 2012 while flying out of Bengaluru International; they asked me where my Guru had touched me, and when I stated He had never touched me indecently, they asked if "that's why he was sending me back."

Even worse than our suffering for our own unfounded public humiliations, my fellow followers of Swamiji and I are truly heartbroken at the constant attacks against Swamiji, which include the pushing to trial of a case that was proven false in US courts years ago, due to the dirty dealings of the police-prosecution-media nexus. It's time we listen to those who are calling a spade a spade here. Please finally see this beautifully written account of the attack by Cambridge scholar, Dr. Murali KV, who illustrates how the police-prosecution-media nexus withheld evidence and created a false case supported by public outrage:

Leading Hindu author and intellectual Rajiv Malhotraji, who is very close to Swamiji and, has also outlined the attack against Swamiji (and other Hindu leaders) very powerfully here: and if you haven't seen it, here is his brilliant interview with Swamiji:

After seeing all this, I urge you to sign this petition, and share it so that His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji and those of us who know him as our beloved Guru can be free to live enlightenment and enjoy the sacred lifestyle of the traditional Hindu Adheenam he founded once again, in peace and joy, not constant fear and defence. Thank you. Namaste.