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Stop them from shooting dogs that are not on a leash

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This solution is wrong on so many levels! It is inhumane to end a life (no matter whose it is) by shooting them! Can you imagine the fear and pain that these dogs would be experiencing? Often one shot will not suffice and so they would experience even more pain and fear. The townspeople are also being forced to give up members of their family (because that is what a pet is) if they have more than three animals in their household. What is going to happen to these animals? They will be forced to roam the town and sadly end up suffering the same fate as the other homeless dogs.... dead! Owning an animal is one of the most rewarding parts of life! You learn and gain so much! If you have ever owned an animal you are well aware of the fact that you gain much more than what you give! I thought that Newfoundland and Labrador was a part of Canada, does Canada not believe in human rights? We are allowed to practice our own religion, marry who we wish, learn what we desire, and we should be allowed to include whomever we want in our families!
When we began domesticating animals we accepted the responsibility that we would provide, support, and love our animals no matter what! People (pets owners or not) seem to have forgotten this! When you allow your animal to roam free, do not provide shelter, food, medical care, and love to your animals you are not being responsible! I am always deeply sad when an animal harms a child. However, parents, it is your responsibility to watch your children and teach them to stay a safe distance from unfamiliar animals. I am not saying that children and their parents are to blame if an animal hurts them but if you educate children then you decrease their chances of being harmed. I have only become aware of this situation today, so that only leaves two days to take action! That is not fair! Other options should have been explored! The S.P.C.A said that they would help in anyway they could but it looks like the people who made this decision do not want help because they are too stubborn to see that other options could be better! I am a founder of a university club that tries to help animals, so I am aware of the animal control problems that communities can have. My community has a very large number of wild cats, yet no matter how difficult this situation that we are facing with all these wild cats is we have never considered shooting them to death because people were irresponsible enough to treat them unfairly! Many people believe that the world is over populated but no one brings up going through the streets of towns and cities shooting the citizens to get this problem under control.
These animals are innocent, they did not cause this! We did! We were supposed to care for them! We should have treated them better. Spaying and neutering animals should not be a choice or an option. Everyone should be able to have his or her pet spayed or neutered, it should be encouraged! We need to make it easier for pet owners to take advantage of this service, so situations of animal overpopulation no longer occur! It is not a child’s fault if he or she comes into the world unwanted, so why do we blame animals for the same reasons? I am gravely sorry to everyone who lives in Labrador, I do not mean to generalize. I am sure that there are many animal lovers who treat their animals wonderfully in Labrador but if this plan does in deed go ahead I do not think it will be possible for me to not have a negative attitude towards Labrador because all I will be able to think able is how hundreds of innocent animals were cruelly and brutally murdered because us humans failed to take responsibility for our actions! This situation just reinforces my belief that animals are the creatures who deserve everything good that life has to offer because humans destroy life and everything precious that it has to give! ! I will not stop until this situation and ones similar to it never happen again I can promise you all that! When will we learn? Thank you for taking the time to read what I have had to say, if you feel that animals deserve better than what they are receiving and that other less drastic and cruel options should be sought then please sign my petition. Thank you very much!



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