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Restore Non-Violent Felons Right To Vote While On Parole

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Restore Non-Violent Felons Right To Vote While On Parole 

Now that America has admitted it's 1994 Crime Bill was an abysmal failure, targeted nonviolent offenders, along with violent offenders, and ruined the lives of countless African American's (along with other ethnic groups as well), it is time to offer more than apologies for such an horrific error.

This petition ask for the law to be amended, or a new law be drafted, that would allow (all) non-violent felons to keep their right to vote in all American elections.

What sense does it make to take such a right away from an individual who more than likely committed a crime to put money in their pockets. How is taking their right to vote going to make life any better, or safer, in their communities. Taking their right to vote only makes them more powerless to make change in their own community. America is full of people who come to a cross road in their life, and chose the right path. How does it make sense that a poor man can go to prison for a non-violent offense, lose his right to vote, and upon release, have no power to make political change.

But, on the other hand, a wealthy person can go to prison for the exact same crime, and though he will also lose his right to vote, he can simply donate money to a politicians campaign, and therefore, affect American political policy with his fortune. To go one step further, he could simply start a Super PAC of his own, and have countless politicians at his disposal. He could affect American political policies without ever casting a vote. How can this be possible in a country where non-violent felons can't vote at all.

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