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It is not uncommon now that we are seeing Terrorist activities carried out on our streets and after this 3rd attack in London, I feel that the People are now starting to get angry with the way that the Country is dealing with this matter. I, for one, am fed up of the constant attacks that we seem to just be accepting. 

I am sure that I speak for more than myself when I say that I am angry, pained and deeply saddened for the good lives lost and the vast devastation that we in Britain are going to be facing if action is not taken now.

All Emergency services have done an amazing job in dealing with the incidents and the public have pulled together. Strangers helping out and helping each other. Offering shelter or lift homes to one another. Its so lovely to hear and read of.

So what is the solution here? When is this going to stop? How are we going to tackle this problem? I do not believe that the government are making the drastic measures that need to be in place and I want the following to be discussed because I believe this is what the people want:

1. The 3,000 known suspected terrorists to be deported immediately. If said suspected terrorist was born here then they will be imprisoned and put through an ongoing de-radicalisation programme along with a life sentence.

2. A new prison to open for terrorists/suspects. All current prisoners that are radicalised and preach radicalisation to also be transferred there. This way, our prisoners will not become radicalised and we have less chance of seeing "home grown terrorists."

Terrorists are radical and extreme and its about time that Britain looks after itself and its people. We have to show to the world that this will not be tolerated. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!! People our out on the streets running for their lives. Muslim people are scared to go out on the streets because Islamic Fighters are manipulating a religion and they are being attacked. Innocent people and children are being slaughtered on our streets.

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