Acknowledge Megamind as our true saviour and god of all

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Since the dawns of time, Megamind has been our protector and savior from the city of Metro, but he has no recognition. I have made the Cult of Megamind to give him that recognition he deserves, please support me and together we will make megamind a religion. Every year on the 9th of December everyone who supports this religion can paint themselves blue, and wear their best megamind costume, we can also walk the streets and shoot everyone with water pistols. As we are walking, we can let off blue helium balloons with a megamind face painted on it, this will be our offering to him. We will also have a float which drives through the streets with a huge megamind head on it, this will shoot blue confetti out at everyone. At night time, we will have a color run, and use glowing blue paint. From 11:00-12:00 pm we will have minion time, this is where we will all swim in either, our neighbours pools or in the beach, in a full gorilla suit minus the mask, we will also eat fish flakes during this time, to feel the full experience of being minion and to show him we care. In order to join this day, you must shave your head, and you must grow a goatie and dye it black, if you cannot grow a goatie and you still wanna join the day you will have to use a fake one. In rememberance of megaminds parents, we will hold a 30 minute moment of silence, this will be done from 7:00-7:30 am. We will also dress someone in a metroman suit and throw eggs at him. were not an aggressive cult but we can be. Every sunday, we will have 30 minutes of praying to megamind. We will sort everything out, and make it better and more organised, but please join and help us bring this awesome religion to the public.