Change and reform local Criminal justice Systems in The Common Wealth

Change and reform local Criminal justice Systems in The Common Wealth

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Started by Uno Vee Foster

To reform The Justice System And Acknowledge the mental well-being stemming from Civil And Human Rights !! Failure to not be able to pay fines Or court cost shouldn’t have to result into more jail time for anyone especially after convictions and court Rulings.


Mental Health plays A major part of human hardships added problems such as the current  justice systems in some states causes even more extreme tension, stress and anxiety. That which results In the threat Of the lives of many. Psychological attacks such as deadlines and time being stripped results In those to make heynis decisions which effects the families and friends of those facing the conventional convictions.. The request of justice reform allows the mentally oppressed to focus more on themselves and what makes them A better person all around for the environment and mental state of others also. Wrongful prosecutions also plays a roll Into the community of the oppressed not only minorities but the rest of americans.  The request also entails an alternative to be derived from having to pay for mental health programs and counseling for this should be a free thing if court ordered to do so and also allowing the Individuals to invest their time to be a better and more promising version of themselves this will have Less Inmates serving more time when they have found a medium to become a better model to the world.


 Jails have more than %60 of minorities which looks as If the opposing offenders are the city’s source to a stronger financial status because of lack of knowledge. Those are to undergo a guilty plea are almost forced to do so. Withdrawals of better alternatives and representation result In wrongful convictions and causes more damage due to psychological tensions and reactions  drawing profits from convictions hurts the citizens short and long term.


  We must update and reform the system that is current for consequential actions and not focus so much on the financial state of individuals but the mental well being of those and the time they surrender you cannot choose to take both time and money one has to be chosen.  Please sign this petition if you wish to see change for the sake of our Human Rights and our Future of Betterment.


published By Vedal Foster

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!