Oxford and Cambridge Universities & Colleges to Underwrite USS

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Academics and Professional Support Staff striking to defend their USS pensions welcome the statement from Cambridge's Vice- Chancellor that UUK universities should move away from simplistic concerns for 'value for money', and address their commitment to society more broadly.

However. We are also aware that Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and their colleges, not least through private and secret channels to USS and Universities UK, have led the demand for pension reductions that has caused the largest strike in recent British history. Given 

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Universities and colleges are fabulously wealthy to the tune of £billions
  2. The issue at stake is clarification of a USS 'deficit'
  3. Oxford and Cambridge Universities and Colleges through their private influence are de facto 'owners' of USS
  4. Oxford and Cambridge Universities already have outstanding reparations demands, so they might as well get this one sorted now

We call upon Oxford and Cambridge Universities and Colleges to step up to their responsibilities as leaders of UK Higher Education, and underwrite any potential USS deficit, up to and until the pensions dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of USS members currently taking industrial action.


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