Remove Joe Paterno Statue: Establish Tribute to Victims

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The release of the Freeh report has finally laid to rest any doubt as to the involvement of the late Joe Paterno in the cover-up of child sexual assault on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University. We firmly believe any likeness of his image on the campus, most importantly, the statue that stands in his honor should be removed. We firmly believe that instead a tribute to the victims whose lives have been forever altered should be established instead. A permanent marker of some kind should be erected to create awareness of child abuse, to allow for the ability for fans to donate to organizations who help crime victims and to ensure that Penn Staters never allow this type of abuse or crime to occur again on campus. By doing so, you allow for an opportunity for fans to forever honor the lives of these victims, to create change in the lives of victims in PA and to provide a healing mechanicsm for the fans, faculty, staff and vistors to heal from their own emotional turmoil over the handleing of this case. These crimes were so horrific on so many levels, the deep betrayal runs throughout the entire Penn State campus, but most notably, the football stadium and buildings. We cannot just remove Joe and others and not put in their place a direct image of why. Penn State cannot just sweep this under the rug, in order to be proactive in every way, administrators and trustees must be willing to visually provide a reminder of their verbal commitments. Penn State can be a productive part of the solution by providing outlets for victims to feel safe, honored and allow game goers to contribute to helping other victims of child abuse.

By signing this petition we are requesting The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees to immediately bring down the Joe Paterno Statue and in its place establish a memorial for the victims who have suffered the most harm.

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