We need to improve parts of Pennsylvania's public school's K-12 curriculum.

We need to improve parts of Pennsylvania's public school's K-12 curriculum.

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Started by Myah Stackhouse

      As a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State Public K-12 system, I believe that while the education system tries to cover important topics, many key aspects are missing. 

      Pennsylvania’s current school curriculum is unsatisfactory and is not exposing children and teenagers to the education they need. It is proven by The Pew Research Center that after 9/11 Americans have viewed Middle Easterners, primarily of the Muslim faith poorly. School systems are not helping this matter since strict guidelines are not enforced in the teachings of the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/2001. Upon researching, according to the Standards Aligned System, no curriculum regarding Middle Eastern/North African culture is enforced.

     A counteract to adding curriculum on this subject is that with technology, children and teenagers can research these matters in their own time. Compared to 10 years ago- which by the way was the last time the Pennsylvania school curriculum was updated- students have easier access to more information by searching on a web browser. But with the dramatic change in our daily lives, children should be taught how to properly learn and gain knowledge with this technology so that they can avoid noncredible news sources. I suggest, along with addressing Middle Eastern culture, schools add required media literacy courses.

     With improvements in the curriculum, fear of Middle Easterners in America will decrease, media literacy will increase, and Pennsylvania’s citizens will finish high school with a better understanding of foreign countries.

    Please sign this petition for Pennsylvania to start making changes.


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!