Save Music Rooms in Ontario Schools

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We have an increased number of students attending elementary school in the Mississauga area.  This has and will continue to cause capacity issues within our schools.  

One of the main issues is the loss of rooms designed for specialized programs, like Music and French. 

Middlebury Elementary School will be one of the schools affected in the 2018/2019 school year.  They are going to lose the music room due to the rising number of students.  This is a room that was designed for the music program.  It is a room that children in this school have come to love.  

Music is our only universal language and it is important in a school environment.  Please sign this petition to show the Trustees and the Board of Directors that keeping this room is non negotiable.  

The Trustees have the power to place a portable on the grounds.  A portable would solve this issue, by allowing for growth without taking away a beloved room in this school.