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After serving 24 years in prison, Michael deserves a second chance. Asking for appeal!


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Mike is 44 and has served 24 years in prison for self defense. Mike is the one that called the police right away and told them what happened. He had a court appointed lawyer that did not defend him. Mike told him every single detail of that day and the time leading up to that day and his lawyer withheld that information. He told Mike to plead guilty and take a deal. He was only 20. He was young and scared and thought his lawyer knew what to do. Mike is a model inmate. He hasn't had any charges since 2003. He gave his heart to the Lord over 7 years ago and preaches at the prison every week. All of the guards,  the Chaplin,  and many others that know him say that he is a good man,  no danger to society, there is absolutely no reason for him to be kept there,  and he should be set free. He has taken class after class, and has been working in prison industries for 13 years. Mike went up for a parole hearing on Oct 25th and was  denied once again. The board was very quick and didn't let him present his case. All we are asking for is another hearing where the facts, letters, and accomplishments can be heard. I believe in this man 100%. Even the other inmates heard that day were in and out of there within 2-3 minutes. They all deserve a fair hearing and for their time spent in prison, their accomplishments, and their disiplinanary records to be looked at and considered. There are many innocent men and women in prison. Even if they did The crime, nature and seriousness of the crime will never, ever change!  The Bible says forgive 70x7. Everybody makes mistakes and in God's eyes,  they are all the same. Prison is overcrowded and the good, reformed men and women should get out. They all deserve a second chance. Parole is not entitled, but earned so the ones that have earned it deserve a chance. Please join me in signing this petition. 

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