The PLP must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn to defeat the Tories!

The PLP must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn to defeat the Tories!

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We Labour members and supporters, call on Labour MPs to unify behind one common goal; to win the next General Election.

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader, the Parliamentary Labour Party have behaved in a manner which has indisputably damaged the electoral credibility of the party and its leader; whether through refusing to serve in the Shadow Cabinet, belittling, smearing and disregarding the opinions of the majority of members, or briefing, sniping and plotting against Jeremy Corbyn. Most damaging of all was the clearly orchestrated and long planned effort to force Jeremy Corbyn to resign only nine months into his tenure, which triggered a damaging leadership contest at a time when a united party could have inflicted serious damage on the government. Even after Jeremy Corbyn's re-election, MPs are still tweeting disdainful tweets, and reporting to the media to express 'concerns' which should be dealt with internally.

Understandably, none of this will have won us any votes. In fact it's safe to say it has lost us many votes. The Labour Party are always at an electoral disadvantage due to a hostile media. When you add a hostile PLP, unable to accept their democratically elected leader into the mix, it then becomes impossible to win the confidence of the electorate.

However, the likelihood is, we have three years to prepare for the next General Election. To be in with a fighting chance we need to unify. That means no more briefing, plotting or brazen attempts to undermine or discredit the leadership or the members. And it means taking collective responsibility for the inevitable poor by-election results that have followed, or will follow this period of utter disarray, rather than using them to further personal vendettas or agendas.

From now on, MPs must respect the mandate the majority of members have given to Jeremy Corbyn, and instead channel all their energies into attacking this vile Tory government. To do anything else, will be viewed as a deliberate attempt to ensure a Conservative win! Regardless of wherever MPs place themselves on the broad political spectrum of our party, they should always prefer to serve under a Labour leader they don't always see eye to eye with, or even like, than to be in opposition to a Tory government that is doing so much damage to the lives of their constituents.

If any Labour MP finds themselves willing Corbyn to fail, now is the time to be honest with themselves and their constituents and stand down, before they can inflict any further damage on our party and chances of winning a General Election. Because what we need now is unity. Without it we are guaranteed to lose.