Impeach President Maithripala Sirisena for failing to protect the citizens of Sri Lanka

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President Maithripala Sirisena has failed to protect the citizens of Sri Lanka and visitors to the island by his callous disregard of forewarnings that churches and hotels would be attacked by suicide bombers on Easter Sunday. He is personally responsible for the increasing death toll by appointing unqualified and incompetent people to head important security institutions, by disregarding repeated warnings made several years in advance of the attacks, by failing to allow the Prime Minister to attend the National Security Council meetings (and thereby keeping the Cabinet, Parliament and the public in the dark regarding the threat), and in refusing to cut short his holiday in Singapore and return immediately following the AVOIDABLE tragedy unleashed on the people. He has committed a CRIME against the people of Sri Lanka. He should be impeached from the position of President of the nation, arrested and charged for the mass murder of peace-loving Sri Lankans and tourists. He should further be held responsible for the state of fear, panic and disharmony that ensues in the country.