Death sentence by hanging! A compulsory punishment which has to be given to the RAPISTS!

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This petition is to bring about change in India regarding the safety of woman and girls. Everyday we only read stories of gang rape of woman and nowadays even girls in the newspaper and all we can do is a candle March, protest against it from happening again and pray very hard so that it doesn't happen again but to be honest it does happen again. It does happen again and every time it happens either a Mother's , wife's , sister's or a daughter's life is completely ruined. She has to live with the fear and scar for the rest of her life for only one mistake which is, that she was born as a girl. That beautiful smile on her face will be lost forever while the people who took that smile away from her will still have that smile on their faces. It's high time that woman and girls feel safe outside their houses at any time. It's high time to punish people who think they can get away with anything just cause they have a tail between their legs. It's high time the government does something to PREVENT another rape instead of trying to catch the accused after the damageis done. WAKE UP! Girls don't feel safe in their own motherland! It's high time the government makes it a safer place for woman and girls. We don't want you to take action after the damage we want to know what you can do to prevent them from happening? Rapists shouldn't be punished jail time they deserve to die. The punishment to rapists Should be brutal as they deserve it for spoiling a girls life. It's high time.