Make the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry accessible to the public

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In the United States of America, all 50 states maintain Sex Offender Registries that are accessible to the public online.

The Canadian public does not have this type of access to the National Sex Offender Registry, and that needs to change.

Civilians have the right to know if they are in danger. We should be able to research people who are a risk and be aware of the sex offenders who live around us. 

Not all information needs to be accessible, but enough to identify offenders is necessary. Photos, age, name, approximate location, and previous offenses should be available for the public eye. 

We deserve to feel safe. We deserve to know if we are at risk, if our children are at risk.

32% of women and 13% of men experience unwanted sexual harassment in public. The most common types of harassment experienced by women are: unwanted sexual attention (25%), and unwanted physical contact (17%). Obviously there are many types of harassment but those are the most common. 

Over 11 million Canadian citizens have been sexually or physically assaulted since turning the age of 15. In Canada, that makes up 39% of women and 35% of men 15 years of age or older.

I believe that being able to access the records of sex offenders can give people the opportunity to look into people of suspicion, and potentially saves themselves and others from traumatic experiences.

Sign this petition if you believe in our safety and right to know if we are in danger of those around us.