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Adjust Minimum Wage to the Relative Cost of Living in the Area

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Today, the wage earned by 1,253,000 Canadians is based exclusively on the well-being of corporate giants who pilfer billions out of the pockets of the 1,253,000 who often work 50 hour weeks to simply get by. These problems are often amplified by the high costs of living characteristic of large metropolitan areas. In Vancouver and Toronto where the average rent of a one bedroom condo is $1,700, a person who makes minimum wage will be making this amount roughly as their monthly salary making it impossible to live an average life while living near their place of work. 

        The minimum wage needs to be adjusted to take into consideration the cost of living for the area. This new system will help individuals who live in areas with high costs of living like Vancouver and Toronto live while being able to afford rent and other nessesities. In a system where this idea of relative minimum wage is applied, individuals working in expensive areas will have a higher minimum wage compared to individuals working in cheaper areas.

        Companies who's employees mainly consist of minimum wage workers like Restaurant Brands International and McDonald's made and excessive $3.2 billion and $5.3 billion in profit last year. It's time that we stop being bullied by these billion dollar companies who profit while their employees live in near or under poverty line conditions. Especially when these are the same companies who pay their CEO's record salaries each year. The 100 richest CEOs in Canada took in an average of $9.5 million in 2015 in salary and total benefits while the average worker took home  $49,510. 

       This petition will be signed and sent to Kyle Peterson the Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora once it reaches 200 signatures to then be taken to the Parliament of Canada so it can gather further momentum. 


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