Stopping Climate Change is more important than a Budget Surplus

Stopping Climate Change is more important than a Budget Surplus

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Why this petition matters

Started by Liam Ryder

While the out-of-touch politicians in Canberra are busy patting themselves on the back about a budget surplus, the Australian people just want to know one thing:

  • When will somebody do something about Climate Change?

Everyone wants to see the Australian economy perform well but THERE. IS. NO. ECONOMY. ON. A. DEAD. PLANET. 

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), "The role of renewable energy solutions in mitigating climate change is proven". Despite this, the Liberal Party's own website attempts to paint a 50% renewables target as "like a tax on electricity", and claims that cutting emissions by 45% is "reckless" and would "damage our economy and cost local jobs".
Not only is this wrong, it also exposes a horrifying truth: the Liberals are willing to lie to stop us from saving the planet. 

This obsession with a surplus above all else is misguided. The importance of budget surpluses is actually a point of contention. Good or bad, a deficit is a small price to pay in the face of an impending global catastrophe. 

As outlined in an article by ABC journalist Stephanie March, the Department of Environment and Energy advised the Government in late 2018 that "Australia is not on track to meet its current Paris target." In response, the Government chose to IGNORE THE EXPERTS and LIE, claiming we would meet the targets "at a canter". Even if that were true, experts are now saying that "Current Climate Pledges Aren't Enough to Stop Severe Warming

Sign this petition to let the Australian Government know that they need to take URGENT action on Climate Change, and if that means higher electricity prices and no budget surpluses for a while, WE ARE OKAY WITH THAT 

1,954 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!