Please Stop Removing Messages Of Hope On Our Bridges.

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There's 2 Bridges in The Erewash area of Borrowash  and Ockbrook that I have been attaching messages of hope. They keep getting removed by the local Council. I've put them up all over Derby and have tge backing of the Derby Council but not from EBC (EREWASH BOROUGH COUNCIL AND THE PARISH) These messages have saved peoples lives in the 7 months I've been doing them. I've had direct messages of thank you from the people they've saved. I'm aware that the issue that concerns them is that they are laminated and attached with cable ties and they could come off and land on a car. Worst case this could realistically happen although they are fixed well. I think there's talks of coming to an agreement to having them permanently fixed. That would be amazing and for the local community (some of who have had friends or family suffer on these bridges) it would mean so much to those and tge wider community. It seems such a shame to demolish something that has factually saved so many lives. I started these messages after I found myself on a bridge. I was numb snd on auto pilot. I knew nothing about it until the next day. I owe the police my life. They pulled me back over the railing that night. Distraction is key I feel.