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Schools to change headlice policy

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  • Spring Branch isd has a headlice policy. The policy states they no longer send children home with head lice. All they can do is advice the parent to clean there childs hair.  My daughter has caught lice multiple times this school year. She has given it to her sister who has curly hair. I had to buy 5 bottles for 30 each to clean our heads. I also had to spend money on washing clothes.  Everytime i send my kid to school it seems that the lice gets worse. Having lice  is not going to make a person sick. Having lice how ever does keep a child from constraining  in school due to the child ichy witch makes them uncomfortable. To get rid  of lice its  taking money out of my pocket to clean my childs hair every time she gets it. It wont stop spreading until something is done about it. Schools need to check the childrens hair and send them home. It will keep the lice under control. A parent might make an excuse i dont have time to clean my childs hair the school wont mind im sending them. Well if we put the old policy back in place children will be sent home if lice is found then the parent will find time to clean there hair. There is no excuse for a child to have lice. Parents we need to clean there hair. Our children are uncomfortable. Lets get Austin to put the policy back in place. It is taking money and time also away from our kids and our house hold. I spent 205 in one month to get my kids hair clean and rewash all there clothes. I have to wash my clothes at a landuary place. I dont have 205 to keep spending every other week to make sure my kid doesnt have lice because the lazy parent says i don't have time. I want the old policy back. Do you? 

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