Undo the band of thermal water bottles!

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The average American uses about 3 water bottles a day. Okay let's multiply that by 5 school days, that's 15 water bottles a week. If you multiply that by 31 school weeks, the average child will use 465 water bottles in one school year. This action is not healthy for the environment. 

Drinking cold water has shown in studies that it boots your immune system, which means you miss less days of school. It also helps as a mood lifter and aids digestion which helps with weight- management.

Room temperature water is proven to make you less thirsty. So drinking cold water makes you thirstier, which means the athletes will be hydrated. Drinking cold water will enhance performance levels.

Even if eventually you give us the right to clear water bottles, they will not keep our waters cold unlike our thermal water bottles will. 

I understand we don't ned our phones, I'm okay with you taking it away. But taking away our right of water, or what to put our water in is outrageous. I think I speak for every parent and every student that taking away our water rights is ridiculous and the new rule needs to go away.