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When parents buy a health “alert product” for baby to be taught what to do when “alerted”.

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We get it, when your precious baby is born you want to get your hands on anything that makes your life easier and safer and often this fear is taken advantage of by product manufacturers, who produce a product that is designed to alleviate these fears and usually at a very high cost. 

There are many in the market but now I am speaking specifically of products that are designed to alert parents that something is wrong- a health issue related to most commonly either an infants lack of or reduction in breathing or a fever. 

At The Parentmedic Movement we want parents to do and buy whatever is going to make their lives easier but we feel as the people selling this product they are responsible to help parents access the knowledge of what to do it they are “alerted” when using this product. 

If for example you are selling a baby oxygen monitor- what efforts are being put into teaching parents CPR. When this alarm goes off what purpose is this if the parent doesn’t know what to do between calling for help and help arriving. Yes you are alerted them to get help, but the harsh reality when it comes to oxygen deprivation and the heart stopping - is if nothing is done within minutes the chance of survival, even when calling for help is very small. 

If you are selling a product to monitor fever, how are you helping parents understand what to do with that fever? Did you know the most common misconception is that you must treat a fever, when all research and current health recommendations this is not the case at all? Medications like these are used for pain and interfering with a fever can be more damaging to the child. When it comes to fever, and a tool to measure a fever should you not be helping parents understand the right use of the product, what to do if they have a fever and the red flags to look out for?

We are reaching out to these product companies to come partner with The Parentmedic Ambassadors to find a world wide solution to the provision of these products in a safe and more responsible manner and to be part of the solution of actually helping parents know what to do if their child is sick and essentially saving lives.