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Robert Watters joined the U.S. Army in 2006 and deployed to Iraq just after basic and AIT. He spent thirteen and a half months in baghdad as a combat engineer. After he came home from Iraq his mother was ill and he was waiting out his time until he could get out of the army which was supposed to be Jun 2009. Although in Jan 2009 he was informed he had a daughter and his mother was going in for surgery in the same week. During this week the mother of his child was telling him to come home and take a paternity test and was saying how somebody better take care of this little girl and how she never wanted kids so she wanted him to take her. So in fear for his mother and potential daughter he went Awol from Fort drum new york and traveled back home to wisconsin. In June of 09 Robert made an attempt to go back to his unit through his local sheriffs department and the sheriff was told that they would not take the soldier and to contact other agencies which ended being of no use. After that Robert took it upon himself to call his unit and he was informed to go to fort knox and when he called fort knox he was told they had no record and would not take him. So he gave up trying and continued to Provide for his children and be a father until march of 2011 when he turned himself in by calling his unit commander and telling him his story and his unit commander said to come back to the unit so he did. He has been in fort drum since late march 2011 and misses his children and is awaiting trail for his crimes. The army has no understanding or sympathy even if it is their faul he was gone so long if you believe Robert Watters deserves a pardon sign this petition Thank you.....

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I am asking for the Pardon of a Father a law abiding citizen and a Veteran. Robert G Watters has committed no crime he only did what he had to for his family. Unfortunately the U.S. Army cannot see it that way. During his time as an AWOL soldier he had made attempts to come back to his unit and this can be confirmed with the Dane county sheriffs department but he was told there is nothing they would do since no warrant was filed and his unit said they would not come get him. long story short he finally got back to his unit and needs to get this over with quickly so he can get back to his children he did not hurt anybody and only did what he could he needs your help to get this behind as quickly as possible without getting a serious charge can anyone help.