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Point proven Jesse your petition shows you that they are stalkers and delusional. They have no idea of the law and what it states. If Leslie slapped me in the face technically I could get a restraining order. But see here is how Leslie thinks remember now he is a fruitcake keep this in mind. If you catch her in a lie or your tell her the way it is automatically that justifies in her eyes as a threat therefore your going to jail. Have no worries my dear friend Jesse she told me agents were raiding me that she was going to see me brought to her home in cuffs being taken away. She can suck my balls that is what she can do actually no thanks she might bite them off you cant fix stupid lol! :) I talked to Paula on the phone today she is fine and well so are you Jesse. You brought up a good point that all the police cars now have license plate scanning which gets put into a giant data base to catch criminals, grand theft autos and even missing persons. Not only are the bullies evil but they are also psychotic in making up fairy tales. We all know who the wicked stepsister is lol yeah I think from now on will play a new game go to the secret place and pretend like brown noser the clown does not exist. :)

Lord Rick Rowe, South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States
5 years ago
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