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To withdraw from malicious,libelous, terroristic,bullying behavior within the paranormal community.

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The persons named above have been targeting several of us in the paranormal community. Several of these people named have public criminal records including kidnapping, breaking and entering, evading the law, welfare fraud, harassment and violent threats.

Not only do these criminals enter peoples homes as paranormal investigators, when asked if they inform their clients of their backgrounds they deflect from answering.

They stalk social media pages, They make up lies and maliciously spread them around, They copy pictures of colleagues children (Children for heavens sake) and accuse the parents of child abuse, They threaten, they harass and bully. When you block their social media profiles to avoid them they make new profiles to continue the behavior. Several court records show they have had complaints from many about this behavior. They have falsely accused thier own (and our own) friends and family members of murder and abuse.

They dig into peoples backgrounds without signed consent. They contact friends and family members of their targets in attempts to start trouble. 

I am asking anyone who has ever been a victim of this group to please step forward and support my cause to keep these frauds, felons and bullies from doing further harm to our community. 

This is NOT the time to lay nuetral or stay out of it. Its that kind of thinking that has enabled these people to behave the way they do. We need to stand united in this cause. Even if you have issues with other supporters of this cause, keep that seperate. We need to keep our community strong and put our personal opinions aside for the better.


ALL OF THIS BEHAVIOR HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED. Screenshots of threats and harrassment, Public Records Through Court etc... 

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