Draft UN Resolution for West Papua

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Draft UN Resolution for West Papua

This year's meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Pacific Islands Forum will begin in Tuvalu, 13-16 August 2019.

The draft UN resolution and noting Vanuatu's intention to submit a resolution at the UN General Assembly in 2019 so that it would immediately receive the full attention of the leaders in the 50th PIF forum.

PIF leaders to submit the draft resolution of West Papua together with Vanuatu to the UN General Assembly ('Realization of the right of the Papuan people to self-determination in the former Dutch colony of New Guinea (West New Guinea).

Bearing in mind the current position of the Pacific Islands Leaders on Papua (West Papua), Vanuatu can receive support from all member states.

Decolonization of West Papua must be immediately sanctioned in a vote at the UN general assembly, so that the people of West Papua do not experience the slow genocide that is now continuing to occur.

Best regards,

West Papua People